OK, users and folks, what do we think of Stellar and wallet integration with Keybase? I must confess my first response is this may be the beginning of the end for Keybase.

@mkb I actually kind of like it. I looked into crypto a while back, and setup a wallet and all that stuff, but the process was NOT obvious. Having a product like Keybase, which already makes encryption their business, handle all the minutia makes sense to me. That's not to say that I'm going to start using crypto currency for everything, but it's nice to know an easy to use option is there.

@mkb @codesections I'm not smart enough on the subject to have an opinion, but, that doesn't sound good :(

@sym As excited as I am by cryptocurrencies and the underlying tech, I’m skeptical of the applications I’ve seen for these ideas.

I’d have had more confidence in Keybase announcing additional, premium services. I hope I’m wrong. Keybase has been a useful tool for me so I’d hate to see it go.


Yes, it's been quite useful for me too. Keybase is still a little buggy, especially their Stellar wallets. I'd hate to see anything go wrong.
Keybase is a journey I think. They're trying new things. It's interesting and very ambitious.

@mkb i don't need some company "managing" my keys for me. Nor do i have any use for what appears to be a closed source, tracked/KYC'd (eventually, if not already) exchange and #cryptocurrency. Closed source cryptocurrency is a non-starter. When i see "SDK", and weaselSpeak like "open network", i close the browser tab.

@mkb Hm, I don't know either. Any hard facts on the integrity/trustworthiness of Stellar?

Keybase's privacy policy:
»(c) In the event of a proposed or actual business transaction, corporate restructuring, sale or merger of Keybase, or involving some or all of our business, assets or equity, we may disclose and/or transfer information we have collected to those involved in assessing, planning and completing the sale (including the buyer and its employees, agents and representatives).«

@mastor Good question.

As for that clause in the privacy policy, that’s pretty much necessary for any company looking for a funder or buyer. Better for them to be honest about it.

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