I’m sure some purists will be upset about stickers being added to .

Anything that helps convince nontechnical friends and family to use Signal is a win in my book. Network effects for the win.

@mkb I don't mind it honestly. Absolutely agree, make encryption accessible and available to everyone. I've had my mom, really most of my family, using it for years now with no issues.

@greyor I haven’t tried my parents but virtually all my friends are using it. With most of them I was surprised at how easily they switched.

With my folks I felt like I’d overplayed my “You must try this new thing!” cards but maybe it’s been long enough now that I can try pushing Signal.

@mkb are there still sync issues when running with the desktop and mobile versions at once? This is the only thing holding me back from switching all my friends.

@davengkel The one sync issue I can think of is when you don’t launch Desktop for a long time it can struggle a little bit.

Sounds like you’re referring to something different though. What’s the issue you see?

@mkb Missing messages when I send messages from both phone and desktop. I can only rely on my phone to remember my entire message history. After reinstalling oses or new units, it seems like I lose all messages at least on pc.

@mkb I was upset for some time that I couldn't install it because it required me to trust Apple or Google, and - when I checked recently, it was available for sideloading on Android (i.e. Android without Google cruft installed.)

So thank you for the reminder that I should install this _immediately._

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @mkb While these are points which are concerning (in particular, the hidden apk on the website kept me from using it for 2 years) the alternative list contains a total of 0 alternatives which have fewer issues.

I am a strong advocate for using irc, self hosted, with ssl; however the number of people who believe this is too complex is greater than one.

@Truck @mkb "0 alternatives which have fewer" <= nonsense. The forced mobile phone subscription alone makes #Signal substantially more compromising than the e2e crypto alts.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @mkb I disagree. I do not find the phone subscription to be at all a problem, myself. But I am not in the US.

@mkb @Truck even if you travel to a country where GSM registration isn't mandated (e.g. Netherlands), your correspondants will not, which makes you the bait by which the #privacy of others is abused.

@Truck @mkb the "not my problem" attitude is absurd when talking about a communication technology where two different ppl need to select the same platform.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @Truck TBH I’m hesitant to engage you on this topic because you seem more interested in arguing than discussing. If you’d like to actually discuss, perhaps we can learn from each other.

@mkb @Truck if you think there's a case to be made in defense of viral privacy abuse (where #privacy abusive trends have the effect of dragging others into an abusive & exclusive #walledgarden) feel free to try. Indeed you've taken an indefensible position, so of course you're losing the argument.

@Truck @mkb it's not okay to pimp a technology that excludes non-mobile phone subscribers whilst at the same time claiming they need to get a mobile phone "for #privacy", then peddling that shit as "good for privacy"

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @Truck

OK, then. In the future, if you’re interested in a discussion rather than an argument, feel free to hit me up.

@Truck @mkb You've decided that your okay with GSM/CDMA surveillance, and this is why your counts are off. I don't accept that a counting the issues is a sensible way to determine fitness of a tool against a threat model.

@mkb @Truck but if counting the issues is what matters to you, #Signal is most certainly the worst of them. The sum total of issues of Briar, Wire, Telegram, XMPP *combined* would struggle to exceed this list:

@Truck @mkb you don't say which country you're in, but the privacy issues for GSM & CDMA are inherent in the technology no matter where it's used. There's an extra amount of #privacy abuse if you or your correspondants use mobile phones in the US or Europe.

@Truck @mkb just look at Jami alone. It doesn't have 1/8 of the 25+ mass surveillance issues that Signal has.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @mkb

That is not to say I am not interested in potential alternatives, if you have a list it may include items I haven't seen or heard or tried, so - a list would be useful.
(Of your own. As you seem to be someone who has a strong opinion, I'd like to know your choices and why.)

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