I’m sorry, but every time I see a link to appdot.net I think of it being like “ATM machine”, or “PIN number”. It’s app dot dot net. 🙁

And yeah, I’m sure there’s a world of difference between Ancient Greek and Modern Greek, but would be a damn sight easier to get Modern Greek voice actors I reckon.

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Really enjoying playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but for a game set in (ancient) Greece, I’m disappointed that there’s no Greek language option for the dialog. Would love to have the language as Greek with English subtitles.

I don’t mind dying repeatedly during boss battles, but why do I have to be subjected to a 1 minute load screen between each attempt.

The sheer amount of content in the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3 is staggering. I’m late to the game, but picking up the GotY edition for about £16 including full game and both expansions has been astounding value for money.

Mmmmm, more RAM.

That said, I'm never 100% sure if I've got the sticks paired correctly. Should the matching pairs be in rows or in columns.

The System Report says that the 4GB sticks are in the same bank so that _seems_ right.

For a pile of garbage that hasn’t been flown in years, the Millennium Falcon sure had plenty of fuel in it.

@pixelfed @mrk For what it's worth, I can follow other accounts from Mastodon (e.g. @earth). Just my own having problems.

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@pixelfed I'm currently unable to follow my @mrk account from my Mastodon account (@mkelly). When I search for the Pixelfed user from Mastodon, I get an hourglass indicating that my follow has to be accepted. I don't have such a restriction enabled to the best of my knowledge.

Any idea what I can do to improve things?

As if to punish me for being dismissive of it, the PS4 crashed about 30 seconds into my gameplay session requiring me to load it all again from scratch.

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I live for that feeling where I start the PS4 Pro, and wait for the game to fully load, because I had to close the application last time I was playing in case I picked up again from the regular PS4 in the other room and the only way to ensure my progress is transferred is manually pushing save games to PSN.

Wait. What I meant to say is that I live for the feeling of picking up the Switch and resuming from where I left on within seconds.

The cat to me: “Miaow, miaow, can I come into the house?”

Me: “I just watched you regurgitate the squishy bits of a mouse. Go wash your teeth before you’re getting in here”

If I created an alternative to markup that was machine- and human-readable, which became wildly popular but suffered from inconsistent implementations, I would simply allow the open source community to extend and improve my work (with my blessing).

There’s something a little too satisfying about taking city after city from an opposing civilisation while lying in bed.

I absolutely believe technology needs to get democratized and available to everyone.

But I think it’s also ok that Apple is trying to make premium technology products. Both of these things can be true.

However, I *also* think there’s a conversation to be had about Apple’s philosophies being adopted elsewhere in the market—mainly around security and privacy. I do wish other companies that make more affordable tech should build it with those values in mind.

#technology #Apple #privacy

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And then I find it. There’s no Copy option in the regular software, but you do get the option when setting up a new hub. So that’s nice.

And when I’d spent the whole evening trying to get the new hub detected by the iOS software, eventually resorting to writing new firmware to the device and setting up over USB, I was able to do the Copy option. 3 hours of faffing. Why do I do it to myself?

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Updating the configuration on that hub was a complete waste of time really. Went out and bought a new Harmony Elite + Harmony Hub, and if there's a way to port the configuration from one device to another, I'll be fecked if I can find it!

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Just managed to pick up Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Fallout 76 for about the price of one full game (using discounted PSN vouchers and sale prices). That satisfies wallet-watching me. Unfortunately the “you have to finish Witcher 3 before you buy any other games”-me is crying his snake-like eyes out.

The only additional complication was the HomePod volume control. The Harmony remote can control TV volume or ATV volume, but unlike the ATV remote it can’t switch between them.

The crude solution was to use Harmony volume buttons to control TV volume, and the channel up/down buttons to control ATV volume.

Family training commences.

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