It has taken several years, but I’ve finally gotten a decent setup for the Harmony Smart Control and Apple TV 4/4K. Seems Logitech have a special manufacturer to select called Harmony Beta, which includes a test config for ATV that uses Bluetooth instead of IR.

The only additional complication was the HomePod volume control. The Harmony remote can control TV volume or ATV volume, but unlike the ATV remote it can’t switch between them.

The crude solution was to use Harmony volume buttons to control TV volume, and the channel up/down buttons to control ATV volume.

Family training commences.


Updating the configuration on that hub was a complete waste of time really. Went out and bought a new Harmony Elite + Harmony Hub, and if there's a way to port the configuration from one device to another, I'll be fecked if I can find it!

And then I find it. There’s no Copy option in the regular software, but you do get the option when setting up a new hub. So that’s nice.

And when I’d spent the whole evening trying to get the new hub detected by the iOS software, eventually resorting to writing new firmware to the device and setting up over USB, I was able to do the Copy option. 3 hours of faffing. Why do I do it to myself?

@mkelly Isn’t doing it to yourself generally what faff- OH! With an f. Never mind.

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