After getting a #NintendoSwitch I’ve started swinging back around to buying physical games.

Not every game. Some games I know I’ll keep for the life of the system, like Smash and Kart, so I go digital. But I’ve rediscovered the joy of trading in games for discounts on the next.

Tonight I traded in Xenoblade and Victor Vran, got $47 (disclaimer: I’m a Pro member at GameStop, which adds extra trade-in cred).

I used that to buy #Darksiders3. A $60 game cost me only $18 or so. Sweet!


@chartier I still can’t get past the “urgh, do I really have to get up and change the cart?” sentiment. But I’ve never been the type of person to trade-in games, so there’s definitely a personal element to it all.

I know a lot of folks like physical media to “own something” but I’ve recently taken to buying strategy guides. Lovely hard-back books are a great reminder of my favourite (digital!) games, and good for getting all the value out of them.

@mkelly I’m not so worried about ‘owning’ stuff anymore. Mostly because physical stuff breaks down.

If anything, I think I’m growing to believe digital stuff can be ‘owned’ more than physical because digital can be duplicated and thus more permanent, just in a different way.

I really just like being able to recoup some game value and spend less on the next game. That’s awesome. It’s worth it to get me off the couch to switch cartridges. 😄

Bonus points: helps toward my daily stand goal.


@chartier stand goals would have been meaningless in the age of Wii Fit!

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