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@ashfurrow did you find that they stopped working over time? I was taking citalopram for a few years and eventually it just did nothing any more.

@chartier that’s a bummer. I’m on a free account because Dropbox sponsored a conference years ago and gave 20GB of extra space for free. I’ve never needed to pay as a result. And they gave me loads of free space for shilling their service to my friends.

@joshuanozzi if I’m happy with my content, am I allowed to be content with it?

@chartier I’m not in a position to offer you work, sorry, but I did want to thank you for the work you’ve been doing for Bear. I re-tried the app again before Christmas, and I’ve been really impressed with the holistic feel of it. Website, app, documentation; it all feels really nice, and gives me the warm fuzzies every time I use or even just read about the app. Please pass on my thanks to the Bear team as well!

And yeah, I’m sure there’s a world of difference between Ancient Greek and Modern Greek, but would be a damn sight easier to get Modern Greek voice actors I reckon.

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Really enjoying playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but for a game set in (ancient) Greece, I’m disappointed that there’s no Greek language option for the dialog. Would love to have the language as Greek with English subtitles.

@rosemaryorchard I agree about the “red torch” being great at night - I use it every morning so as not to disturb my partner with lights while I creep out to work. I just wish watchOS would remember that I prefer the red light instead of making me swipe to it every time!

I don’t mind dying repeatedly during boss battles, but why do I have to be subjected to a 1 minute load screen between each attempt.

@chartier stand goals would have been meaningless in the age of Wii Fit!

@chartier I still can’t get past the “urgh, do I really have to get up and change the cart?” sentiment. But I’ve never been the type of person to trade-in games, so there’s definitely a personal element to it all.

I know a lot of folks like physical media to “own something” but I’ve recently taken to buying strategy guides. Lovely hard-back books are a great reminder of my favourite (digital!) games, and good for getting all the value out of them.

The sheer amount of content in the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3 is staggering. I’m late to the game, but picking up the GotY edition for about £16 including full game and both expansions has been astounding value for money.

@gaab @dansup I’m seeing the same behaviours. I have two Mastodon accounts - one is “awaiting approval” for the Pixelfed follow, the other worked fine. I can also see my latest Pixelfed post on the federated timeline of the Mastodon account, but not in my home timeline.

@phranck This is a late 2017 iMac. I’ll do a bit more digging. Should have checked the clock speed of the stock RAM before adding the new sticks.

Mmmmm, more RAM.

That said, I'm never 100% sure if I've got the sticks paired correctly. Should the matching pairs be in rows or in columns.

The System Report says that the 4GB sticks are in the same bank so that _seems_ right.

For a pile of garbage that hasn’t been flown in years, the Millennium Falcon sure had plenty of fuel in it.

@pixelfed @mrk For what it's worth, I can follow other accounts from Mastodon (e.g. @earth). Just my own having problems.

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@pixelfed I'm currently unable to follow my @mrk account from my Mastodon account (@mkelly). When I search for the Pixelfed user from Mastodon, I get an hourglass indicating that my follow has to be accepted. I don't have such a restriction enabled to the best of my knowledge.

Any idea what I can do to improve things?

As if to punish me for being dismissive of it, the PS4 crashed about 30 seconds into my gameplay session requiring me to load it all again from scratch.

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