@mkosler holy shit that's kawaii. (I wish I could make one in orange and pink heheh)

@mkosler i need to find me some enthusiastically themed instances. That just makes me happy.

@mkosler I see more and more customized rendering. Is there an official way to 'theme' #Mastodon or are those "hacked" css ?

@tryum @mkosler I assume that if you host an instance, you can style it any way you want. For the rest of us, custom userstyles seem to be the only option.

@Gargron - Any chance of more color choices for Masto in the future? (A green-tinted color scheme would be much easier on my eyes.)

@Stephen_Stone @mkosler

Yeah I'll go mess in the css and make all my users eyes bleed :D

I guess I'll wait some talented designers share their css.

But what I want moreover is being able to change the content of the column, for that I guess I have to hack the frontend code... Maybe I'll up a test instance to try !


@Gargron How about we break out of this sexually-insecure-blue world already and get some COLOURS in here?

@mkosler Wow, that looks amazing! It's like a social network made out of RPG dialog boxes.

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