Incipient mustard field. The yellow overtakes the field, some years. I’ll come back in a week or three.

Flag Hill, lit, and a barn that might look familiar. This is about where I turned back. I was down and home by noon, having arrived and parked at 8. There's so much natural beauty, and wonders big and small, I'm sad that these heights are just about beyond my ability now.

Cave Rocks Road, looking back. I climbed up to here from off to the left. Looks like we're level with or a bit above Flag Hill, middle left.

The Cave Rocks near the intersection of Indian Joe Creek Trail and Cave Rocks Road in Sunol Regional Wilderness.

A bit of fog cling in the valley below Flag Hill. I managed about five miles, 66 flights. I'm getting too old for these bigger hikes. The hip and right leg give me a lot of trouble, and I'm shuffling down the last mile or two like I'm a lot older than I otherwise feel.

Sunol this morning. Starting up the Indian Joe Creek trail

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