Looks like I found what to do next. Question is anime or manga?

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stupid picture in picture on FF, it gets smaller & smaller every time it switches video

Wanna run an anonymous filesharing system that works with curl?

A so being a new week. Let's do this one target at a time

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Lo aprieta dentro de sí, correspondiendo el beso con dulzura mientras le recorre la espalda de forma cariñosa, sus labios danzando lentamente con los ajenos antes de separarse con un suspiro —¿Mejor, cielo ?

Retaking IRC. It just won't die die because we never let it... hehehe

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yall ever consider how conceptually swarms are rad as fuck

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I've been a @xubuntu user for many years and there have been some great releases. I think the 20.04 release is going to be the best so far. It's snappy, rock solid, and I love working in it. 👍

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Tensión en la FRONTERA con Venezuela tras llegada de DOS «Cisnes Blancos» aviones rusos de última tecnología.
Tras el desplazamiento de parte del Comando Sur de la marina de los Estados Unidos a aguas cercanas de Venezuela. Rusia apoya a Venezuela ante alguna situación

So my gitgud is not in my profile... Some old incomplete stuff I made a while ago, might pick it up again


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