Eine neue Season von ist erhältlich.
Rettet die Föderation.

Everybody, who is will need this tools 8-)

The red one for my wife. The blue one for me. Blue has more power and is more easy to handle.

Excellent tools for the serious Gardener.

Is there really hope for humanity?

Look, what happens, when everybody is working together ... instead of against each other in times of


More praise for virus response

Thailand ranks first among countries with the highest rate of Covid-19 recoveries, according to the Global Covid-19 Index (GCI).

America Wake Up - George Carlin

Isn't it funny how people are propagandized to believe, what the society (AKA the Elite) wants you to believe.

Save some money. Go out and see for yourself. What will you see, when the Propaganda clouds are gone?

Reverse-Explain everything you see. Do NOT let social guidelines (AKA laws) restrict you. Let your heart and kindness be your guide.

And open your eyes ... 8-)

Forgot my fantastic monocrystaline that are empowering all of my water lifting.

340 Watt x 2 is doing the job.

-Water-Pump Part 04

ATTENTION: Due to my 40 volt panels, I can use a different cable diameter, without melting the cable !!! Do not try this, with lower voltage than 40 Volt or higher wattage than 680 Watt  !!!


... EOF ...

-Water-Pump Part 03

* As we know, that screw pumps have a higher maintenance Intervall, I would highly recommend to buy a spare screw (incl. holding apparatus).

Overall said. This is NOT the cheapest pump, but for me (see upper usage) it fits perfectly. In combination with the built-in controller and ONLY 2 high voltage panels it is excellent value for me.

... Continued ...

-Water-Pump Part 02

* Affordable deep well pump with built-in controller
* Screw Pump (no Impeller, no breaking) , so easy self maintenance
* Bright Clouds, no direct sun produces 1.600 Liter / hour
* Overall I am very satisfied with this installation
* Payback Solar vs. 240V electric bill in ONLY 2 YEARS !!!
* Butylene rubber included for waterproofing the electric pump connection
* Good customer service contact

... Continued ...

-Water-Pump Part 01

Shopping and testing.

Pump: Kary S243T-60
Solar: 2x 40V - 340W
Connection: Direct, no Controller, no batteries
Cable: 2,5 mm² Copper, twisted, rubber coating / 30 Meter
Borehole: 50 Meter, 4 Inch diameter
Pump Depth: 25 Meter
Connection PVC: 1 inch
Length PVC pipe: 25 Meter vertical + 100 Meter horizontal
Electrical Volt loss 30m  = ~15% due to smaller cable diameter (very little warming of cable)

... Continued ...

No One Lives

Excellenter Action Thriller. Alt, aber extra geil. Kriminelle Bande belästigt einen Psychopathen und wird entsprechend "belehrt" 8-) Sehr Sehenswert.


Ja, Wie geil ist das denn.

Absolut fantastischer, extrem gut gemachter -SciFi. Allererste Sahne. Schauen!

Best of Bean | Live Stream | Mr Bean Official

Ich halte diesen Kanal für sehr wichtig. Später, wenn die Demenz voranschreitet. Mr. Bean hilft gegen alles. 8-)

Telekom will führend bei Glasfaser werden ...

Ich lach mich scheckig über Internet in Deutschland.

Hier. , Provinz: Khon-Kaen, City: Chumpae, Farm: irgendwo im Nirgendwo (20 Km von allem entfernt am Ende der Welt) ...

100 Megabit . Zu Stoßzeiten sicherlich langsamer, aber ansonsten gehen Torrents mit ca 50-80 Megabit durch die Leitung 8-)


Da kommt ja was auf uns zu. Variable, herunter-kalkulierte Film- (ja 8K-FILM- ) Properties werden dynamisch herunterakaliert.


The very -Box with Android 9. Extreamly smooth experience. Everything is running, as it should.

What a beauty.


Transpeed A95X F3 Air 8K Android 9.0
TV BOX Amlogic S905X3 4K Youtube Netflix
wifi 4GB 16GB 32GB 64GB RGB Light TV Box

Planet of the Humans

presents a very clear view into the future of mankind, if we not stop reproducing ... as we are doing right now.

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