So whats the whole purpose of keybase. Can somebody explain it?

@mmarif basically a centralized service where you can upload your private key onto and has integrations with mastodon (most likely the masto-admins haven't been notified by this feature)

Something like uploading key to key server?

I read can connect to facebook, twitter etc. But i am not sure how it will work.
At that point for chat most of the users are on whatsapp, signal etc. Which keybase dont support for now i guess or maybe never as that would depend on whatsapp and signal to accept keys etc.

@mmarif To prove your identity across services. With decentralization and specialized services (e.g. mastodon vs. peertube vs. pixelfed), a person can have many accounts and may want to prove it’s not someone else stealing his name or accidentally having the same name. So, you can prove your identity across the fediverse, twitter, bitcoin, github, etc. And, there are other services. Read more at and

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