Is it cheaper/better than Digital ocean cloud hosting ?

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I haven't used them yet. But it is cheaper than others. Also @amolith is using it for nixnet network if i am not mistaken. So it must be good and stable imo.

The one issue I have had is some extension that makes their web console not work properly in Firefox. Other than that (which is partly my fault), I have absolutely no complaints!

You might want to look at Hetzner too though. IIRC netcup uses some of Hetzner's hardware and just offers different specs, plans, and prices; when you compare the two side by side, one has plans in between what the other offers so you can pick something that fits your price point exactly.
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Thanks. The last time i checked Hetzner, it was very 90's. Current one is way better and also now offering cloud servers which is another good option. I will try them out soon.

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