I am going to start work on an inventory management application written in PHP using Phalcon framework.

Even though it is not something I would open source because of the nature of the project. But I may in the future as it is a free project. If I did not get more clients, I will open source it.

It's a long shot project.


Open source business model is profitable.

As you continue working on this project, I keep in touch with you about making business out of foss.


Yes, i know.

But you know sometime clients complications like keep the source code closed etc.

Anyway, its not of a big deal. Once the application is ready, I can tweak it to make it open source etc.

Foss business model is about selling technical support, set up, etc rather software.

But any way, it's early to discuss till you get the prototype or working software.

Best wishes.


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