Most of us switched from to . With GitLab showing slowly its colors, it's time for another switch. or @codeberg ?


GitLab is open source, why not just remove bits you dont like?


@freemo @codeberg

GitLab is heavy compare to Gitea. I would self host Gitea than GitLab.

I used GitLab EE self hosted for my previous company and right now one thing I can say is it's not affordable for single or few person use.


We have a gitlab instance here. It is heavy its true, but ours runs completely in a self-contained container. A desktop PC could easily handle GitLab. It doesnt really take much. Ours is running on a single server with 10 other services and it is very responsive.

Moreover gitea is lighter but at the cost of having almost none of the features side from the basics. I know for me, even for personal projects, that wouldnt do the trick.


@freemo @codeberg

Not sure about your use case. But I remember it was eating around 8GB ram constantly with around 15 users using.

Also another factor is can afford or not. Right now tbh I cannot(atleast GitLab).

I am using for GitNex(moved from GitLab) and I did not feel I am missing anything except the CI part which drone provide anyway. Thanks to gitea guys they allowed us to use their drone server. 😀


with 8 gigs it can scale to hundreds. It reserves the memory on startup but doesnt scale linearly. 8 gigs is all you need for 1 user or 500. Which is around what i said, the resources f a common PC



BTW yu are more than welcome to use our instance for free, even provide a free runner:

We include the ultimate license also for free across the server.


@freemo @codeberg

Wow, that's great.

Are you guys a team or you alone manage all this?


I'm the founder, but we are a team, I have other mods, as well as donators (though I donate the most through my own companies)


@rob @codeberg

They do. Few options for Gitea,
- either self host
- notabug(very outdated version they use i guess?)

@rob @mmarif yes, gitea is running great as web frontend, on servers located in Germany, Europe.

@JoergSorge @codeberg

Heard good things about them, so a good decision at the end. 👍

@mmarif @codeberg Check out Radicle ( ) a decentralised git repository.

Nice mention. Thanks.

Just wondering why the source code is hosted on github, suppose to be on their application.🙂

I thought that odd too. I read through the readme and they say to add issues to the radicle git issue list. Also of you get the code from GitHub you need to then change the source to the radicle git. So I think the GitHub is more for access reasons.

@mmarif @codeberg Why not self-host, or find a small collective? Perhaps ask your Mastodon instance maintainer to add a source archive ... don't simply go from one monolith to another ...

@mmarif @codeberg SourceHut is fully functional even with JS disabled, so it's probably the only tool immune to issues with ethically questionable JS.

@mmarif @codeberg Oh, sorry, Codeberg also works without JS. That's great, I hope it will stay that way.

@codeberg Oh, cool. It would be nice to add checksums to the page to make it even easier to check if they are really the same as upstream files.

@codeberg I haven't looked into your codebase yet, but I should.

If you'll self host, you probably don't want the social aspects of these sites. So, why not just use something really lightweight like cgit? It can show diffs and commits &c, and supports both git clone and dynamically generated tarballs.

Many text based Todo management tools exist which you can use for BG tracking (personally I like the idea of checking bugs in to the same repo).

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