We have just moved to @codeberg for many reasons from

We have to recreate the repository because of migrations, which are just are completed, thanks to 6543 for the migration script.

Thanks to @codeberg too for providing the space. And hope they have the current stable uptime for long time to come. 👍


@mmarif @codeberg Codeberg is a good choice! I have recently started using it. Needless to say, I'm impressed.

It's quite nice to host FOSS code on a FOSS platform. I dislike NPM and GitHub for this specific reason.

In that respect, I would love to see a FOSS replacement for NPM, that stands for the people. Not organizations; not KIK.

I lost all respect in NPM when they gave power to KIK over the people.

@resynth1943 @codeberg

I totally agree with your statement. And NPM was recently bought by Github too.

We always strive for FOSS and ideas/implementations which give something back to the community as I myself is a heavy user of FOSS projects and Linux.

@mmarif I'm interested to see what your choices are in terms of CI/CD - I'm using @codeberg too for some open source apps

@steko We were using drone previously provided by But now I am not sure, the project does not have enough resources to host it's own.

@mmarif that would be the point of a shared community platform. I hope Codeberg can grow to provide such a feature 'out of the box'

Out of interest, what was the reason for moving from gitea to codeberg, given that they use the same software?

@dheadshot @codeberg
I will quote one of the maintainer reply from a channel,
"Gitea was often very slow and had multiple outages which kind of sucked for development. Codeberg is a good and well administrated alternative that has none of these problems."

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