Just came across about issue from Tom. It's really sad to hear, how the community react to developers who spent countless hours for making users life easier and in return they get that kind of insults and threats. Unacceptable and not appreciated at all.

I have my sincere wishes with Tom for whatever he undertake and hope he find something useful, where at least there is respect.

Thanks again for the great work.

@mmarif what/why were they insulting an open source developer?

@Acaii @mmarif it seems so weird. I don’t understand. Poor bloke.

@Acaii Well there is no specific details shared by Tom(privacy reasons mb), but one I remember was Gab issue.

@mmarif ahh, yeah it's not just the alt-right that can become swept away with looking for someone to blame. Too many reactionaries these days.

This is really sad news for me :(
Tom is one of my favourite FOSS developers. I've DMed him a couple of times in the past, mostly for sending bug reports or giving suggestions to improve his apps. I enjoyed his posts about his cute pets, travel and everything, one of my favourite accounts on the fediverse. He's a very kind person, its really sad this happened 😢

It indeed is sad and not good for foss community. I know him, and he is very good human being.

@mmarif This news is very sad indeed. I love #Fedilab I use it on my phones and it works so well.

Sir arif I have followed few twitter accounts via fedilab. I can only see the tweets of the profile but not the comments. Only share icon show on side of that tweet. Also upon pinching on thr tweet... No response. Need help plz

@hudhud1621 Please redirect your queries for fedilab to @apps. They will be in better position to guide you. 🙂

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