GitNex 4.5.0 will come with Most Visited Repos as an analytic/favorite tool(app only feature).

Once you visit a repo, it will be added to the MVP(most visited repos) list. Think of it as a favorite repos tool.

You can set it as your home screen from settings and can also reset the counter for a single repo or just reset the whole list.

Nope, we are not going to stop revamping the UI and profile screen is the new victim.. 🎨

We hope you like this victimization, including the sarcastic way to representation. 😂

GitNex is ported to M3 (Material You) design. It is coming in 4.5.0 and we hope you will really like this change.

GitNex 4.4.0 is out with Wiki and PR commits support.

🎉 Features 🎉
- List/view wiki pages
- Create/edit/delete wiki page
- Add support for pull request commits

We have pushed code editor feature to next release for better refinements.

GitNex 4.3.0 is OUT.

Highlighted features:
- Single commit screen with diff view
- Show labels in issues and pr lists
- My issues with remote search and filters
- Follow system theme
- Show notification count when switch accounts
- & more...

Feel free to boost!

Check the release blog post and release notes.

GitNex 4.3.0 is coming soon, and with it comes huge refactors, a lot of features, major UI changes.

We hope this release will be worth a praise. 🙂

I love editing videos even I know I am worst at it, but still do it anyway. 😀

Working on 4.2.0 release video.

Google strikes again. Tbh working with is such a pain.

My appeal is attached too.

GitNex 4.0.0 is released with revamped UI, user profile and many more new features and improvements.

Watch release and an overview video of 4.0.0

Release blog post,

Feel free to share and spread the word.

We have reached last version release for 3.x(3.5.x) and now are onto 4.x officially for .

Some early features(new features will be added of course beside theses).

- New UI for many screens(we have revamped the app UI for this release).
- Notifications from all accounts.

Can't wait? get the latest build from master.

GitNex 3.3.0 rc1 is available for testing on play store and f-droid(soon).

You will be able to open your Gitea links from emails etc directly in the app now(GitNex will also handle unknown URI with different screens). Also added new commenting screen and some other new features.

GitNex 3.2.0 is now available on @fdroidorg .

One nice feature this version has, if you are on let's say @codeberg you can explore all the public repositories issues from different projects. Same goes on different accounts you have added to the app.

@kde I have this weird behavior in network applet where I see random spikes in connection speed once loaded initially. My connection is 2MB, and per device it never cross 300KB. But the applet shows wrong info on 1st load, sometime even in 100MB.

Screen attached.
KDE 5.19.5 on Manjaro.

GitNex 3.1.0 RC1 just landed with Multi Account support, Markdown support, forks list and UI updates.

We are updating the app UI, and this is how the create repository screen look like in light theme.

In GitNex 3.1.0 there will be a lot of UI updates, more colorful app. 🎨

With adding new features, we also focus on keeping the UI refreshed here and there so the user won't feel bored. 😀

Bdw for users who are waiting for Multiple Accounts support, it's implemented and already in master branch now.

Toast messages are also refreshed UI wise.

We are planning to release 3.1.0 soon with many features and UI updates.

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