A picture I took while I was on a hike in our village mountains.

GitNex is hosted on gitea.com and most of the time I have issues with it.

Comparing it with @codeberg where I host two private repos has zero issues atleast for me.

It is totally opposite because gitea.com is hosted near to me.

Just curious what hardware spec is used? @codeberg

The timeline for GitNex is very impressive and active.

We have also crossed 500* commits mark recently.
* with `squash and merge` policy, otherwise it would have been more than 5K.

Going well so far, thanks to all the users, contributors for the support.

In-app notifications will be coming soon to GitNex.

Requires Gitea 1.12 or above.

So most of us are living in a cave I assume?

Trusting GitLab after Github, he will regret it later like how he regret Github now. They are both corporations work under US law.


It's sad how almost every website has trackers and to top that, fingerprinters.. Now seriously?

I am sure you heard of Sublime Text, best editor for development.

They have Sublime Merge too, which make the complicated git things easier to manage.

Didn't know people are dealers of holes also. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

The stickers are here. If you want one please send an email to gitnex@swatian.com with your address.

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