Ahh, so finally that happened. Twitter suspended my account for no reason. There is no activity for so long anyway and i was about to delete it.

I will activate and then delete.

Hi @tom79, i was adding pleroma account and after authorize in the browser i was redirected to this screen.
Am i doing something wrong?

12 months and 6 months distrowatch page rankings. I know these are just hits, but still. So finally Mint is dethroned. Just wow.

Everyone have shortfalls and mentality of the managers define the people growth. Leave in bulk or move the company forward with everyone on the same page.

GitNex 1.1.0 rc2 is available for download.

Key features
- New: Add collaborator to repository
- New: User can now edit his/her own comments
- New: See who are your followers
- New: See who you are following
- Enhancement: Redesign Profile screen
- Enhancement: Added edited status for single issue and comments

Release notes: gitlab.com/mmarif4u/gitnex/rel

Wip on adding new collaborator to repository.
Here is an early screenshot from development branch.

The whole app color scheme, font sizes are updated. And i can tell it looks more subtle and beautiful now.

Also simplified the login and about screens.

Screen of repos:

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