@hudhud1621 Please redirect your queries for fedilab to @apps. They will be in better position to guide you. 🙂

@amolith I love this genre and here are some to watch:

1. Swordfish (2001)
2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) (Swedish)
3. Upgrade (2018)(more of sci-fi)
4. Snowden (2016)
5. Who Am I (2014)(German)

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Codeberg.org has been updated to gitea-1.14. Read more about new features and improvements on blog.codeberg.org/introducing-

A great Thank You to all involved, and to the wonderful gitea developer and maintainer team!

Anyone here used/using Oneplus Nord N10 5g?

Any recommendations for a budget stock(minimal custom skin is fine too) Android phone(price around $350)?

*OLED and fast charge(above 18w) would be a plus if have.

Note: pixel and moto are not available here at my place.

We have reached last version release for 3.x(3.5.x) and now are onto 4.x officially for .

Some early features(new features will be added of course beside theses).

- New UI for many screens(we have revamped the app UI for this release).
- Notifications from all accounts.

Can't wait? get the latest build from master. codeberg.org/gitnex/GitNex#dow

GitNex 3.5.1(hotfix release) now available to update from play store and fdroid. It has some critical bug fixes, please update from your download medium asap.

In GitNex 3.5.0 we did a lot of code refactors introducing couple of bugs which we did not catch during testing.

We are working on it and a bug fix release will be coming soon.

GitNex team is proud to announce 3.5.0 with new file viewer refactor to eliminate the lag and provide robust loading of files, biometric support to lock/unlock the app, render emoji in titles and markdown files, switch to proper account when coming from email links like @codeberg etc, cron tasks for admins and many more features and improvements.

Available on play store and soon on f-droid.

Blog post about 3.5.0, gitnex.codeberg.page/posts/350

@PawelK You can file issues here: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/i

Fedilab main developer(Tom) is not on fediverse anymore for personal reasons.

As we expand GitNex from just an app, we have now a Java SDK for Gitea APIs, which anyone can use in their Java app.

Feel free to use, send PR to enhance.


We also have forked java emoji library to add new emoji rendering.


Thanks to the GitNex team for taking time to do this. 👍

@peter Codeberg is managed by a different team, free for community and I am not involved in it. You can direct your queries to @codeberg

@peter You can open a feature request at the repository page for biometric/passcode auth. codeberg.org/gitnex/GitNex/iss

@peter Hi, I am really glad that you like GitNex and it is helpful in some way.

It indeed is sad and not good for foss community. I know him, and he is very good human being.

@Acaii Well there is no specific details shared by Tom(privacy reasons mb), but one I remember was Gab issue.

Just came across about issue from Tom. It's really sad to hear, how the community react to developers who spent countless hours for making users life easier and in return they get that kind of insults and threats. Unacceptable and not appreciated at all.

I have my sincere wishes with Tom for whatever he undertake and hope he find something useful, where at least there is respect.

Thanks again for the great work.


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