@pixelcode good question. Well, think of it as a home screen of the app and of your favorite repos. The more you visit the repo, it will go to the top of the list make it easier for you to browse that repo again. Convenience I guess?

@pixelcode It is an app only feature means the data is within your phone. Once you visit any repo within the app either yours or other users repositories from explore screen. It will be added to the list.

GitNex 4.5.0 will come with Most Visited Repos as an analytic/favorite tool(app only feature).

Once you visit a repo, it will be added to the MVP(most visited repos) list. Think of it as a favorite repos tool.

You can set it as your home screen from settings and can also reset the counter for a single repo or just reset the whole list.

Nope, we are not going to stop revamping the UI and profile screen is the new victim.. 🎨

We hope you like this victimization, including the sarcastic way to representation. 😂

GitNex is ported to M3 (Material You) design. It is coming in 4.5.0 and we hope you will really like this change.

@humanetech It depends on the implementation on Gitea side which the apps can follow later. We haven't at this point of time have any discussion around it.

GitNex 4.4.0 is out with Wiki and PR commits support.

🎉 Features 🎉
- List/view wiki pages
- Create/edit/delete wiki page
- Add support for pull request commits

We have pushed code editor feature to next release for better refinements.



We are planning to release GitNex 4.4.0 next month to accommodate the fixes from refactors introduced in 4.3.0.

The main highlight is not fixes, but two features:

- Wiki (list/create/view/edit/delete)
- Code editor

Code editor will have support for 4 languages for now Java, Python, Go and PHP. Will be extended to more in future releases.

GitNex 4.3.0 is now available in play store and f-droid store.

Time to update. 🎉

@hacknorris I am planning to work on it for 4.4.0 but of course we do not have a hard deadline for a release yet. Rough is in 3 months.

To support you only for Android 5 and provide an apk, I guess that would be extra work.

If you feel to sponsor it, I can ask around to build an 4.4.0 apk for you once released.

@hacknorris Wikis are not implemented in GitNex yet. They are just recently added to the Gitea API(1.16).

GitNex 4.3.0 is OUT.

Highlighted features:
- Single commit screen with diff view
- Show labels in issues and pr lists
- My issues with remote search and filters
- Follow system theme
- Show notification count when switch accounts
- & more...

Feel free to boost!

Check the release blog post and release notes.




GitNex support public money public code initiative and is part of it now.


If you are keen to know more, check the link above and register your interest if haven't yet.

GitNex 4.3.0 is coming soon, and with it comes huge refactors, a lot of features, major UI changes.

We hope this release will be worth a praise. 🙂

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