For monitors, i am using 27" Benq. You can also check Samsung. They are both good.

I dont have the exact model names but company wise you can check system76(if you are into linux laptops), tuxedo computers. Other than that build wise and support for linux you can check lenovo.

I am using Manjaro with Kde and its rock solid. Zero issues so far but your mileage may vary. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks. The last time i checked Hetzner, it was very 90's. Current one is way better and also now offering cloud servers which is another good option. I will try them out soon.
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I haven't used them yet. But it is cheaper than others. Also @amolith is using it for nixnet network if i am not mistaken. So it must be good and stable imo.

I am trying to reset my password for pleroma.site and i am not able to receive reset email.

Any one can help regarding this?

Eid mubarak all. Have a blessed eid and pray for our brother and sisters in kashmir.

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Another day, another time that Facebook admits to stealing all your data, even supposed encryption in WhatsApp is worth nothing if they download your chats in an unencrypted fashion back to their servers. Stop using their shit. Please! There are alternatives. Get rid of it. Everything. They'll never learn if people don't make them. Please don't use Instagram, don't use WhatsApp, don't use Facebook. It's much worse for you than you might want to imagine.

I have watched it on the day of release on Netflix. And yeah, its the best show.

I have helped the app improve the ux and ui bits here and there.

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If you appreciate my work, you can support it with a donation. Financial supports help me to pay extra costs and also to support the time spent for developing the app ๐Ÿ™



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Thanks to @amolith i came across netcup(netcup.eu) which have very reasonable prices. Thinking to host onlyoffice for my nextcloud server.

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