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After a fine break I am back to GitNex. Added few commits today. Good sign I guess. 🤨

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os x is garbage 

I can proudly say that i deleted my twitter and skype accounts. 💪

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Freedom of speech doesn't exist when you're a guest on somebody else's platform. They have every right to give you the boot at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all.

If that offends you, you can self-host, but remember also that the right to speak does not come with the right to an audience.

Your right to speak ends where my right to ignore you begins.

I am finally back to the digital world. Still many things to settle though but i will be online from time to time now. :)

A lot of catch up to do.

So purism delayed the Linux phone twice(people paid for) if i am not wrong. But they have time to bundle other apps and create an email service etc.

Ping me when the phone will be out. *sarcasm*

Ahh, so finally that happened. Twitter suspended my account for no reason. There is no activity for so long anyway and i was about to delete it.

I will activate and then delete.

@kaniini sorry if i am tagging the wrong person. But found all the links here are broken under further reading.

Any one can help share latest post url about installing pleroma not year old posts. The wiki is not explaining in detail the process.

Hi @tom79, i was adding pleroma account and after authorize in the browser i was redirected to this screen.
Am i doing something wrong?

Seeing alot of posts flying around calling mastodon boss the dictator. Haha. 😀😀😀

I guess its about to display rich text stuff on masto. And I support pleroma on this.

And exploring pleroma at the mean time. Maybe to have my own server. Its easy to install and less resource hungry.

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devs: so, we made a thing

gargron: no

devs: it ends world hunger AND nuclear proliferation

gargron: no

devs: it also cures cancer

gargron: no

12 months and 6 months distrowatch page rankings. I know these are just hits, but still. So finally Mint is dethroned. Just wow.

So whats the whole purpose of keybase. Can somebody explain it?

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