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#Fedilab 2.36.0 is available on Google Play and should be available soon on #FDroid.

This version also fixes crashes on some instances after uploading a media.

The full release notes:

Thank you for all your bug reports, I postponed improvements for the next release.

Some of the features of GitNex since rc3 I would like to share here.

- Drafts
- Notifications
- Accounts(not functional yet, but can see the list of accounts)
- Switch branches in Files

The list is huge, I hope to make a video for 3.0.0 once released, I know I missed it for the last few releases.

GitNex rc3 just released and will be available in few hours from play store and few days from f-droid.

In this release we have enhanced the app ui through out, added few new features and fixed the bugs you guys reported so far.

Remember this is still rc(beta) release, stable 3.0.0 is coming end july with lots of features still underway like drafts, switch branches etc.

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If you have somehow missed the news about moved to @codeberg. So here it is again. 🙂

Link to repository

In GitNex 3.0.0 you can comment on pull request code lines.

Here is how:
- go to any pr, from the menu go to files changed.
- tap on any lines within the files diff.
- once done, long touch on it, it will bring you to comment screen with highlighted code.
- comment and done.

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And we are running on 1.12.

A great shout-out to the @gitea developer team for all their magnificent work that made this possible!

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We have just moved to @codeberg for many reasons from

We have to recreate the repository because of migrations, which are just are completed, thanks to 6543 for the migration script.

Thanks to @codeberg too for providing the space. And hope they have the current stable uptime for long time to come. 👍


GitNex 3.0.0 rc1 is available in play store and will soon be in F-droid store.

There are many features and ui updates added. Stability was one of the main focus of this release.

A picture I took while I was on a hike in our village mountains.

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Our biggest ever production run of @PinebookPro is about to start shipping! Let's see how much everyone enjoys the @ManjaroARM build preinstalled on them. :)

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GitNex is hosted on and most of the time I have issues with it.

Comparing it with @codeberg where I host two private repos has zero issues atleast for me.

It is totally opposite because is hosted near to me.

Just curious what hardware spec is used? @codeberg

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Curious, what do you think about recent news concerning #keybase?

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RT @MaxBlumenthal
This week, @SecPompeo declared, "China has a history of infecting the world."

I wrote this on how the State Department, USAID and CIA triggered outbreaks of polio in Pakistan and Syria through operations concealed from the American public.

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Copyright must be abolished. The fact that anything created today will never enter the public domain within any of our livetimes proves that the system has failed. We have an obligation to exercise civil disobedience to protest the broken system. I will shed no tears for billionares caught up in the flack. They never shed a tear for the tens of thousands of people they screwed with expensive lawsuits, nor the billions they screwed out of their rightful inheritance of the collective works of humanity.

It's your obligation as a good citizen to pirate shit.

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