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GitNex 3.1.0 just released with:

- Multiple accounts support
- New Retro theme
- Delete or Edit a file
- Markdown support in file viewer
- New Progress indicators
- Repository forks

And with other features and improvements.

Will be available soon from the respective stores.

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Testing watermarks with #Fedilab (the first picture has the default one, the second has a custom text).
This feature is disabled by default.

GitNex 3.1.0 RC1 just landed with Multi Account support, Markdown support, forks list and UI updates.

We are updating the app UI, and this is how the create repository screen look like in light theme.

In GitNex 3.1.0 there will be a lot of UI updates, more colorful app. 🎨

With adding new features, we also focus on keeping the UI refreshed here and there so the user won't feel bored. 😀

Bdw for users who are waiting for Multiple Accounts support, it's implemented and already in master branch now.

Toast messages are also refreshed UI wise.

We are planning to release 3.1.0 soon with many features and UI updates.

GitNex 3.0 introduced Drafts. It can be used to save your comments when you change your mind to not post it right away. OR the app closes either by crash and you mistakenly hit the home/back button.

With every character type, your comment is saved as draft.

Once posted the draft will be deleted from drafts, you can change this behavior from settings though.

GitNex 3.0.1 is released with fixing email login loop, token creation and draft from notification.

@codeberg is now on 1.12.3 and the best part is will now show you the notifications in the menu.

GitNex 3.0.0 just released and have few interesting features to look into.

- Notifications
- Drafts
- Switch branches in File browser
- Base for multiple accounts
- New settings screen
- New diff view for PR files
- Delete comments
- New file downloader (no permission required)
- New icons set

And many more...

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To be clearer on what I suggest. I already built an app based on Fedilab code for Peertube only. This is completely different, you can watch videos without being authenticated.
If you are authenticated, many dedicated features are available (comments, thumbs-up/down, upload, edit videos, play lists, notifications, etc.)
More :

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I re-enabled my Patreon page. I improved the description of projects that I am working on. Another way to support #Fedilab and my other projects. Thank you!

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#Fedilab 2.36.0 is available on Google Play and should be available soon on #FDroid.

This version also fixes crashes on some instances after uploading a media.

The full release notes:

Thank you for all your bug reports, I postponed improvements for the next release.

Some of the features of GitNex since rc3 I would like to share here.

- Drafts
- Notifications
- Accounts(not functional yet, but can see the list of accounts)
- Switch branches in Files

The list is huge, I hope to make a video for 3.0.0 once released, I know I missed it for the last few releases.

GitNex rc3 just released and will be available in few hours from play store and few days from f-droid.

In this release we have enhanced the app ui through out, added few new features and fixed the bugs you guys reported so far.

Remember this is still rc(beta) release, stable 3.0.0 is coming end july with lots of features still underway like drafts, switch branches etc.

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If you have somehow missed the news about moved to @codeberg. So here it is again. 🙂

Link to repository

In GitNex 3.0.0 you can comment on pull request code lines.

Here is how:
- go to any pr, from the menu go to files changed.
- tap on any lines within the files diff.
- once done, long touch on it, it will bring you to comment screen with highlighted code.
- comment and done.

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And we are running on 1.12.

A great shout-out to the @gitea developer team for all their magnificent work that made this possible!

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