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Mike Masnick @mmasnick

"Go start your own instance" seems like a pretty useful way to respond to complaints (even if someone already said that to me earlier -- and they were right).

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@mmasnick It kind of formalises and extends the bubble effect on Twitter where people mostly only see the tweets of the like minded people they follow.... (. .which will come to Mastadon once the federated (or local) timeline goes past a toot a second or so. )
New instances can create wholly segregated spaces dedicated to jam making, neo-fascism or your other favourite idealogy.

@Picowlo yes. but if the goal is to create something that forces people out of their bubbles, i doubt this is it.

@mmasnick Agreed. I don't know what the goal is but what I see (since yesterday ;) is people looking for safer spaces away from trolling and discrimination. If you can create different social norms on how we interact with strangers then maybe you are in a better place for dialogue with others outside your immediate bubble. But there is going to be segregation as well as federation.
(There's probably a good PhD for someone that wants to study it..)