Sent a bunch of people spoiling Game of Thrones warnings (and reports if they're from other servers, so their admin knows).

Maybe spoilers are a minor infraction in the grand scheme of things, but it's still a dick move.

All spoilers, not just GoT. It's kind of sad that people have to run to the cinema on premiere night just so they can use social media again, or avoid it otherwise.

very unpopular opinion on “spoilers” 

@Gargron dude, think about it twice imho 🤔
Ppl talk about their daily things on social media (that’s why they’re here)...
Should they shut up because some other choose to watch it later?
(P.S.1. Of course I meant they should be nice and using CW

P.S.2. I personally am not interested in any of the viral things atm not GoT nor avengers

P.S.3. Ultimately you see some newspapers talking about hot-shit while it’s “hot”, you can’t sue them for that either)


very unpopular opinion on “spoilers” 

Another extra thing I see necessary to point 😅

Of course I have never spoiled something for anyone (nor I have problems if someone does it on me 🙂)...

All I’m saying is we sure be fair towards both sides and don’t get emotionally reacting 🙂

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