Hmm I tried to login with when I entered '' as instance, it says can't retrieve auth data from server :thinking:
Anyone encountered similar case?
(cc @Gargron )

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Thanks to a TOOT from @Gargron,
CCing @Support in hopes that they take a look on my previous TOOT :blush:

@mmokhi a few people seem to have had issues, on other instances too, I'll boost your question, and let's ping @Vavassor while we're at it.

@Support Thanks for help. :pray_tone2:
Hopefully @Vavassor will have a solution for this :blush:

@mmokhi I wasn't able to connect with because of NAT I moved to

I've tested many of public instances, no chance on none! :disappointed:
But I found a similar issue reported Github, still waiting for @Vavassor to state something about this.

@mmokhi @Mandrake
That "could not obtain authentication from that server" is the first error message you could be hitting so it's definitely failing connection entirely. The fact that you're not able to connect to ANY instance sounds peculiar. Are you on Android 7?

@Vavassor I myself saw and heard some people experiencing similar problem on Android7, But I myslef am trying it on BlackBerry Z30.


@mmokhi @Mandrake I'd expect yours is a different issue, then. I think blackberry uses a whole different runtime and that you can't connect on doesn't fit.

@Vavassor BlackBerry uses some emulations for Android apps, I'm using inside it too, My guess is maybe the Tusky issue is similar to what happens on Android7 for some guys :-)
So, yeah, I'd suggest focusing on it :grin: instead of BlackBerry as a special case.

@Gargron @mmokhi Have you tried clearing cache and data of app, restarting it. Try logging into Mastodon in default browser then try again with #Tusky that way all you have to do is authorise Tusky. Putting a few toots together and my experience with getting Tusky to log into, this has worked for myself and others.

Hmm, didn't work for me :disappointed:
Also, I'm curious about the problem of App itself too :slight_smile:

I'm waiting for developer/maintainer as suggeted by @Gargron.
Meanwhile trying some workarounds suggested by people.
Till now nothing worked :confused:
@TheKinrar @PhotonQyv

@Gargron @mmokhi @TheKinrar @Aurel @xakan Ok, I'll put the gun back in the safe for another time (;* Meanwhile, can't think of anything else I might have done to get into .xyz via #Tusky So I'll leave it to the experts.

/cc @Gargron @TheKinrar @Aurel @xakan

@mmokhi No worries, any time.

Let me know how it goes. @Vavassor (#Tusky Dev) will probably get you set up in no time (:*

I'm in the same case on my phone with another instance.

@mmokhi @Gargron tusky is fiddly... some people succeed after a few attempts... wait a few minutes and try again... my humble advice.

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