Admin stuff: possible defederation. 

@anthracite Yeesh. Had no idea it was getting that bad. Yeah I'll be moving ship but not 100% made up my mind where yet cause the number of "instances run by people I know and personally trust count" (of which yours is one) is hilariously high.

foodcrime ("---") [actually +++] 

@zebratron2084 * brave salute *

@Ratttz I mean, considering the brain trick at work you might not even need to actually have like, those exact componets butj ust some little ritual that says "I have completed Work" should do the trick.

@mawr @Ratttz I have the dumbest fucking thing that works for me. I took my work laptop and moved it to a seperate little table in the same room and every day when I am done with work I close the laptop lid and say out loud "Freedom."

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covid-19 vaccine adverse reaction details, Oxford candidate, reason for pausing phase three trials 

Serious Adverse Event Time | In the Pipeline

So it looks like the adverse reaction was indeed very adverse, and is likely from the vaccine but could be from other things.

I really don't have enough information or background knowledge to say how this will affect development of this vaccine, or other virus-based vaccines. Virus-based vaccines are one of the most popular frontrunners, with (from memory) one of the US, the oxford, the Russian, and the canadian/chinese effort all being based on it. However a lot of them are using different viruses which could have different safety profiles, and we do have DNA and RNA based ones at similar levels of development, so if it turns out that these viral vectors are not useful we are not screwed, and may not even be delayed in when we get a working vaccine.

@Leucrotta Visited Aberdeen once to see the memorial park and concluded that doing heroin under the bridge was the only logical response to living in Aberdeen.

re: gaming, disco elysium spoiler 

@zebratron2084 I messed up followup the first time, silly really thinking the most practical maneuver would the successful one.

gaming, disco elysium spoiler 

@zebratron2084 I've also done at least once.

mild CWs: carnivorism; implicit animal death; possible racial slur i guess not to mention eating my raccoon frens; red states 

@zebratron2084 I am trying to think of a Nutria/Nutrient pun here but coming up blank.

re: Propaganda, USPOL 

@drwho @Anarkat @thegibson @theruran @vortex_egg Yup that one's my fault on the birdsite.

@hystericempress @zebratron2084 Even funnier is that this is over 5 years old at this point.

Delicious overwhelming edible LGBT content within 

@Aradia By our powers combined we can eat this sandwich.

@fidgety And William S. Burroughs would just fucking shoot you.

youtube video essay re: Dwarf Fortress, anarcho-communism 

@LexYeen Oh yes I remember playing Dwarf Fortress and having the special "Royalty" suite which had a draw bridge in it and a switch outside to activate it."

questions about meditation group 

@DialMforMara Glad I could help out!

questions about meditation group 

@DialMforMara What was actually the tell all expose of these folks? Well, it's documented in the next link but the summary is: Capitalism.

questions about meditation group 

@DialMforMara . So SKY meditation is a front for Ravi Shankar's Art of Living Foundation who is one of your standard heavily commercialized (see: paid workshops) transcendental meditation cults. Their biggest claim to fame in the US is a first amendment lawsuit against some anonymous blogger ex-employees that got settled out of court, by trying to claim the information these people posted were proprietary trade secrets. The EFF got involved, it was a whole thing.

questions about meditation group 

TLDR version: Yes, they're a cult and on a scale of cult benign-ness 1-10 where 1 is "Parrotheads" and 10 is "Scientology" they're like a 4. Haven't murdered anyone or tried to infiltrate the government but still kinda shitty.

Longer version: Next post.

@zx3 Oh hey I was wondering when that got off to.

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