@fluffy Thought I had earlier about him "This is a guy that mixes his cocktails by weight." which then lead to me watching a video of him mixing a cocktail and ... yup.

unpleasant media, guilty pleasures, sexism 

unpleasant media, guilty pleasures, sexism 

unpleasant media, guilty pleasures, sexism 

@fluffy I've been watching this same youtuber review packaged coffee drinks and it's been a delight so far even though so far the best rating any drink has gotten has been "Not viscerally upsetting"


@AzureHusky My favorite on this album: 5 and a half minute hallway.

calming down a bit—thank you <3 (+) 


Podcast recommendation, lobotomy (history of, why it's Bad, contains graphic verbal descriptions of) 

@drwho Only as a threaded reply to a post in which it's the only thing in the reply.

@fluffy Seattle IS further north than Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal however which is also weird.

@Aradia @starkatt I wrote an intentionally terrible and educational story about this for Iron Author.

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Seattle Area: Do you need a very cheap (manual transmission) car in good condition? :boost_ok: 

@Ratttz I suggest a spleen, it's a good beginner organ and is intrinsically entertaining.

Mild Outer Worlds spoiler 

@zebratron2084 @Balinares It's okay Kin, they found a new industry!

Okay also that's the bad news.

@fluffy (My white whale in this genre was Corsair, a C64 title that was published in Loadstar Magazine...)

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