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Nikki :dingo: :woof: @mno

@tertu yeah, it used to be a lot more lax in the past which was... very awkward, at best! sometimes such replies can show up anyways, which I don't understand why, but I think almost always it's b/c of the unboosting glitch

(if you unboost a toot, it will _remain_ in everyone's home timeline at that position, but the "boosted by" information is removed. it can be very, very regrettable)

@tertu replies from people you follow, made to posts by other people that you also follow, absolutely should show up in yer home timeline!

@yatchi the different levels of detail in their faces kind freaks me out

@raccoon throw out the DVDs and make room for the The Game Of Thrones: The Board Game imo

@revenant also wtf is going on with this video btw... this is the weirdest yt video to go with an album upload I've ever seen

@revenant oh man this sounds great already!! wow!

@revenant damn!! a harsh read though imho, haha! I've read Ralf say in an interview he'd like to have a collection of their first three albums to bring them back to the forelight, which I think would be great. they're really good!! so is their (only?) pre-Kraftwerk album

@revenant this lone image says so much about the still un-set aesthetics that later became their defining image. retroactively, I always took it for granted that they had that style since Autobahn (especially since their first three albums are essentially as obscured as Underworld's first two, AND their huge collection release uses a unified art style for all of their electronic albums)

@revenant ok I had to look it up on discogs b/c they look like a really weird photoshop job and oh my god I can't believe this even tho I'm looking at it

@revenant did they REALLY look like this on their fourth album??

@blackle "these thighs can compress 500 pounds of fruit!" check out my work today on Spiko, I can't be bothered to convert the video into the right format for here

@blackle I gotcha! I guess I never realized that limitless demos were such a thing. it always seemed to me that it was more of a subversive element. perhaps either it's shifted over time- or I conflated the fact of hard limits on old computers with something that was seen as required?

@blackle I thought that was the point of almost every demo? to fit it within a specific size limit! granted I don't pay all that much attention to the scene despite liking it, but, that's my understanding of it

@blackle I always love reading that tagline for Suricrasia Online b/c it's just so like, I can't think of the word but it's like, "yeah we do this or whatever I guess". it's such a funny, flippant attitude to see in the context of a fictional ISP(?)