2018-04-29: played with darktable, here are some shots of the Reform beta 3 prototype

@mntmn Oh my goodness that looks amazing. I was just dreaming of hacking together a portable system with a Happy Hacking Keyboard and here's a version of that fully working :) Sadly, out of stock on the site but I'll keep my eye on the project. Thank you for sharing :)

@aral thank you! 1.0GHz version is still in stock ;)

@mntmn Yoinked! Thank you :)

Can’t wait to play with this. Awesome project!

@mntmn Oh no, thank _you_ for making it and sharing it with the world :)

Yej, closing the screaming gap for mic- and cam-less laptops!
Was about to get started with Raspberries out of desperation.
Is it possible to purchase one of those in the near future?

@ida there are still a few 1.0GHz developer machines available for preorder in the shop! also there will be a crowdfunding campaign later.

@mntmn oh neat, you have a link maybe? i looked at, but coudn't find the a shop.

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