pushing in all those keycaps is the worst part of the job ;)

@mntmn Yup, but I guess it gives a way vomfier keyboard than you could get otgerwise.

@gaeel not yet, but in a way yeah, these are part of beta devices

@mntmn Wow! Looks like a fun project!

How are Cherry ML to type on?

@gaeel they’re OK. i can type pretty fast on them and they have a nice travel for their slim size. MX are better but also much bigger.

Yeah, I have MX on two of my keyboards, and Zealios on the other (modified Gateron, made with old Cherry MX tooling, and they're about as tall as my laptop just by themselves

I've seen a laptop with MX switches, and it was THICK, so it's possible to do, but it's certainly not without compromise

@mntmn This question may have been asked many times before, but do you plan on releasing kits to build it? I would love to build one myself but I don't actually have the resources for the more difficult work

@waweic yes i totally wanna sell kits. i guess they would come just with the PCBs preassembled, not sure if kbd switches should already be soldered or not

@mntmn This sounds great! My dream would be something like a website where you could select what parts you need preassembled, what parts you need in parts and what parts you don't need for your project.

@waweic interesting idea. it might be too difficult to pull of though if there are so many options. but there could be levels like easy/medium/advanced and of course all kinds of replacement/extra parts

@mntmn Yes, maybe. Well, we will probably see, what the future brings :)

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