My current computer setup: Reform as main machine (with 256GB SSD), connected to external monitor w/ 1920x1080 res (optionally 1920x1200) and mouse. I run it with Openbox+tint2+Kupfer+pcmanfm+keyboard shortcuts for simple tiling and the launcher. I run sakura, emacs, claws-mail, netsurf, telegram, audacious, freecad, yagv. My second machine is a thinkcentre 715 tiny w/ ryzen 5. i use it via turbovnc+VirtualGL from Reform for KiCAD, cura, vivado and ISE.

Forgot: I also use Firefox (slooow to start though) and epiphany/gnome-web on Reform, the latter mostly for JS heavy web apps.

Also forgot: I use guvcview as a USB microscope viewer on Reform, which works fine.

On the next gen Reform I wish to be able to run at least KiCAD and Cura on it as well. Proprietary FPGA tooling will remain on x86 probably.

Here's a screenshot, currently doing some rework on the USB chip

Just curious about this: which is the user experience surfing the web with Firefox (despite the first load)?


@txusinho in general it’s very good, just new tab and like initial load of a site is delayed somehow. maybe it can be optimized, but firefox’ codebase has a too intimidatingly big size for me

@mntmn Thanks for the response. I have a friend working at Firefox, I'll annoy him this xmas to sneakily increase the priority of reducing the startup times during the "new tab process".

@txusinho that would be more than awesome. i can provide any profiling data needed

I recently learned that FF got the ability to unload tabs without closing them (you need an add-on for a user interface). I don't know how it affects memory consumption in the long run though.

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