@mntmn Personally for me, its the same way it's more comfortable. I've used laptops with a touchpad much more right, and it really cumbersome when it comes to typing. The ones I've used aligned left are a dream to use, as it leaves more room and easier access to the keyboard (right hand isn't blocking it), and you can sit more naturally.

@katnjia hmm so you type with one hand and use the trackpad/ball with the other hand or how...? maybe you can make a sketch?


Well you could, and do with certain tasks, but I was thinking more about what's more ergonomic to use. In the same way that, most (I know) put their mouse on the right side, and not bellow the keyboard.

You could argue keeping the trackpad in the middle gives you quicker access to the home row, yet with normal usage I depend more on the arrow/cursor-keys.



@katnjia normally the trackball in the middle is not in the way at all if you use both hands to type. i can make a video later how the typing works.

@mntmn Oh sorry I kind of mixed up the directions. :blobderpy:

My comment about blocking was more directed at laptops with the touchpad aligned to the left. I don't doubt that the trackball interface isn't in the way.

Anyway, the easiest way to understand what I'm hinting at is just run a test design with the trackball aligned to the right instead of the middle, and see how it feels.

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