@mntmn looks great; nice work!

at the risk of sounding predictable, do you know if there's much demand for labeled keycaps? seems like the cost/benefit ratio is pretty low, and that the set of folks interested in a DIY laptop doesn't have that much overlap with the set of folks who need labels to type.

@technomancy yeah, the beta version with actual customers revealed that more people need labels than you would expect. even if you’re a touch typist, it can be disorienting not to have labels.

@mntmn interesting. at least, people think they need labels anyway, and that's a good enough reason.

good to see you've done research. will you offer blanks as well?

@mntmn aaaaactually I would probably replace the whole kb with my own switch plate that isn't row-staggered and source it all myself...

so never mind =)


I'm with @technomancy on this one.

I've been using an #ErgodoxEZ for a while now, and I must say ortholinear keys rock. I don't understand why we still use staggered rows layouts

@Naughtylus @technomancy it’s because a lot of people (like me) have a hard time changing to that after decades of using staggered. i tried with a typematrix keyboard but failed. but i’m strongly considering the option to make an ortho version of the keyboard as an option anyway, it’s easy to do relative to other customizations.

@mntmn @technomancy @Naughtylus I spent a month or two using an Infinity Ergodox as my main keyboard and after the initial adjustment both to ortholinear and to a split keyboard (hard if your left hand is used to hitting some of the right hand keys) I found it was much more enjoyable. Also you can fit way more keys in a smaller space with 1U ortho caps. Just look at the Preonic which is a 50% with basically as many keys as a 60%!

One of the biggest benefits is splitting up the huge spacebar into smaller keys so you can do stuff like have backspace down there and hit it with your left thumb. This felt like a big level up in typing comfort.

@brad @Naughtylus @technomancy sure. the space bar is already split up btw. but you have to understand that most people don’t have the patience/will to go through a long transition period, so it can’t be the default. i will make it an option in the crowdfunding and see how many people will order with ortho layout. i think that’ll be a good indicator.

@mntmn @technomancy @Naughtylus Sounds perfectly reasonable. Thanks for considering it as an option at all!

@brad @Naughtylus @technomancy i’ve heard it as a request many times now, so ortho fans are definitely vocal :)

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