this is on today but i don’t have an account, so i will comment here:

1. it’s possible that we cannot deblob the _HDMI_ of imx8m but: that’s not proven: maybe the auth is flawed, does it even work?
2. we can (and we do) use MIPI DSI->eDP, blob free
3. if you wanna do a presentation, you can use a usb display adapter

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4. why so fatalistic, where’s the hacker spirit in 2019

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@mntmn I think it's because some folk had set unrealistic expectations for a full FOSS laptop. In any case these reactions are typical; if you remember for example the Firefox addon incident, people swore and said they're changing to Chrome etc. Do they use Firefox now? Who cares? It's just the usual reactive people.

@mntmn btw if you would like a lobsters account, I'll sponsor you: just reply with what email you want to use

@mntmn oops sent that before I read the whole thread, glad you got covered :)

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