this is on today but i don’t have an account, so i will comment here:

1. it’s possible that we cannot deblob the _HDMI_ of imx8m but: that’s not proven: maybe the auth is flawed, does it even work?
2. we can (and we do) use MIPI DSI->eDP, blob free
3. if you wanna do a presentation, you can use a usb display adapter


4. why so fatalistic, where’s the hacker spirit in 2019

@mntmn I have like 2% of the necessary knowledge to understand what that article is on about, but is it not possible to replace the boot ROM with one that doesn't care if the HDMI is signed or not?

@gaeel no (it’s ROM), but it’s very possible that this is a special boot mode programmed with fuses, and not the default boot mode. i will check in the office.

@mntmn @gaeel watching this with great interest... I'm also using the imx8m, but so far I can't get hdmi to work even with the blobs

@mntmn I think it's because some folk had set unrealistic expectations for a full FOSS laptop. In any case these reactions are typical; if you remember for example the Firefox addon incident, people swore and said they're changing to Chrome etc. Do they use Firefox now? Who cares? It's just the usual reactive people.

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