@mntmn I was wondering the other day, how easy would you say it would be to insert a thinkpad-like trackpoint into the keyboard by the current design?

@epilys i don’t know how those work, is there a standard module? then you can insert it into the keyboard, but you need some special caps with cutouts for the point?

@mntmn I think this is the most used one sprintek.com/en/products/point

I guess what I'm asking is if the controllers can support additional input devices. The special caps can be made by hand, probably.

@epilys @mntmn ++ to having facilities to add a pointstick - it's definitely the pointing device which has single-handedly reduced the RSI issues that present themselves when working with a trackpad/etc.

unfortunately i think lenovo have the patent on the "good" pointstick - theirs uses an immobile pointing shaft and uses strain gagues to measure pointing force, whereas other pointsticks (notably the one on some dell laptops) require actual motion, a-la a teeny joystick

@a @mntmn

> whereas other pointsticks (notably the one on some dell laptops) require actual motion, a-la a teeny joystick

Interesting. Have you tried the one included in TEX Yoda?

@epilys @mntmn i have not! i know that lenovo sold a thinkpad-branded yoda at christmas one year, but i also know how much contempt lenovo have for their users so

@a @mntmn Hah, it's a megacorp, corporations are all about shareholders hoarding money.

@epilys @mntmn honestly this is why i'm so excited for the reform 2 - the laptop market has failed me so spectacularly and i don't want to be stuck on an x201 for the rest of my life, slowly replacing parts as they break
@epilys @mntmn (i'm also very excited for USB3.0 and maybe even the possibility of thunderbolt + video on USB-C in the future)

@a @mntmn And also having a slower laptop because of all CPU vulnerabilities and their mitigations.

@epilys @mntmn yeah, this is also something i do not enjoy

it's a shame, too, because form-factor wise, the x201 is perfect. it's robust, repairing it is blindingly easy, but it's just... dated, hardware-wise

what't i'd give for this exact laptop, sans trackpad (because i've literally never used it), with a modern processor, a hiDPI (or at least higher res) display, and some USB-C/Thunderbolt ports for desk peripherals

is that asking too much? i don't think so

@a @mntmn The problem is motherboards are not trivial to design. Perhaps someone creates a design toolkit to make it easier.

@epilys yes, there are spare pins on the MCU in the keyboard

@mntmn @epilys I've never found a standard module (but it might exist ?), all DIY mech keyboards uses second hand ones from thinkpads.
and yes you would need some custom keycaps with cutouts
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