yes please: MNT Reform 2, first keyboard with custom print. a bit off-center, but excellent quality.

@mntmn by the way your laptop project is really impressive ! I hope you will succeed ! (:

@andrej “the only contemporary computer with a HYPER key!”

@freemo not yet! are you interested in just the keyboard or the laptop?

@mntmn I dont know the background. Saw the keyboard post and as an EE myself wanted more info when i saw the footprints near the top

@mntmn I will happily buy, test, and help improve, anything related to this project (I do a lot of open-source both software and EE).

@mntmn My time is limited, but hopefully i will find a way to help. If nothing else than with a bit of money

@mntmn looks really good!
Will there be alternate keyboard layouts in the future? E.g. scandinavian?

@zatnosk everything is possible, just a matter of setup-cost vs demand

@mntmn awesome! I'm asking because danish/scandinavian layout is a literal deal-breaker for me. It's the reason I currently have a Lenovo Thinkpad instead of a PineBook or Librem.

@zatnosk good to know! we’ll give a choice of keyboard layout in the campaign

@mntmn I think I really really want one. Can't wait for pricing information (and being able to buy it).

@mntmn I really appreciate the em-dash/ellipsis key 🖤

I think it should be possible to create a mapping for this keyboard that includes European characters in a layer above the English letters (no dead keys)

@mntmn Is it an optical illusion or are the keys on the right side smaller than the ones on the left? Also why the hyphen beside the Ctrl and not a bigger Ctrl?

Really looking forward to your launch on crowd supply.

@abhas optical illusion due to slight camera perspective

@mntmn that's the sexiest keyboard I've ever seen oml

@mntmn I love that you put the ctrl key in the right place

@mntmn ooh, a hyper key. I've wanted a keyboard with that for a long time.

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