tooting this from Reform 2 running on battery power, via Xvnc, twm + firefox (Debian 10 on mainline Linux master)

You know you're on the right path when your battery pack is larger than the computer itself. 😉

@mntmn ive been planning on building a universal laptop battery pack for a while and this is a good reminder that i should really use LiFe. good to know they come in 18650 form factor

@ddipaola yes and they’re getting cheaper, imho it’s the perfect chemistry for this. safe, long lifetime, high current

@mntmn i wish LiFe took off in RC. Tamiya bet on it, even. but i guess the price and somewhat better power of LiPo won out :(

once i use up the LiPo packs for my non-competiton cars, i think ill switch to LiFe. even my basic hobby charger supports it

@ddipaola every time you talk about one of your projects my almonds activate :)
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