the top row of cards don’t work in the Reform 2 prototype, the bottom row of cards work. i do not understand why. i tried many sdhci-esdhc-imx parameter configurations and wrote them down.

other things i tried: soldering 10k pullups to data and cmd lines. soldering extra 10uF cap to 3v3/vss lines of sd card connector. grounding sd card connector shield.

@mntmn I really envy your knowledge of electronics. I hope you fix it soon! Keep the good work! 😊

@mntmn And now you know why I refuse to put an SD slot on the . My experience supporting SD/MMC protocol from the Kestrel-2 and Kestrel-2DX have been positively deleterious to my mental health, and I refuse to willingly put myself under such duress again.

Instead, I'm taking the approach that Commodore took with their 8-bit line-up of computers: make mass storage an intelligent peripheral that talks to the computer over an agreed-upon protocol.

@mntmn That way, if/when it should come to pass that I need to make a dedicated SD card "drive", I can do so without concern for breaking the rest of the computer (or any other peripheral).

Alternatively, I can (hopefully) rely on someone more knowledgeable about the protocol and card-specific details handle the problem while I focus on more productive pursuits.


@mntmn It’s especially strange how these two cards from sandisk behave🤔

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