a MNT Reform 2 prototype. with some keycap lettering already rubbed off

@mntmn That trackball is staring at me like HAL9000... How does it work in regards to RSI? Are users supposed to operate it with thumbs so that other fingers don't leave home row? I know trackpoints are good for that . Is trackpoint feasible for Reform at this point? I use keyboard 95% of the time (Sway+Termite+Tridactyl), ideally don't want anything at all between me and keyboard, like in X200 (no trackpad):

@arshin we won’t ship it with a trackpoint initially, but it is something that can be done as a mod / replacement keyboard. also, the trackball is easily removable. we’ll also ship a trackpad version.

@mntmn 🤤
I love the nav cluster I can't wait for this! Keep up the good work!

@mntmn That looks beautiful! You must feel proud.

@mntmn Are there PBT keycaps available for these switches to prevent the lettering from rubbing off?

@brad i’ll get samples from a different printer in the next days.

for long term i'd see if you can get dye sublimated caps, or even double-shot if they're not prohibitively expensive

@mntmn Hmm only downsides of printing the lettering on the keycaps it seems.

@mntmn good start; now just rub the rest off and it'll be perfect!
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