ORCΛ on Reform 2, now i just have to learn how to use it ;)

@mntmn this looks so beautiful! What’s the top right button on the reform 2 do?

@nx it’s the system control key, for power cycling and other mostly power/battery related functions

@mntmn ... oh my, is that keyboard layout (with the dual alt keys) possible on the one I ordered? I know I said "don't worry about keycaps" but seriously, if it's possible to mess with the physical key _layouts_ without ... you know, completely resoldering, then I'm going to be ever so freaking happy (not that I'm not happy just having decided to get one.)

If it would require soldering, how ... difficult is it? (Because I'll be asking someone else to do it, as I simply do not have hands or eyes that can solder, plus I never learned before 2 years ago.)

@Truck there is only one physical layout currently, the one that you see in this picture, but the labels can be customized or moved around between same-sized caps. there are only 2 different keycap sizes, so it’s a bit easier than with other keyboards (except ortholinear).

@mntmn Yes, I'm not going to do the ortholinear right now - got an Atreus coming, and do have an Iris, so - I'll stick to those and - well, we'll see how this turns out. Looking forward to seeing it eventually (:

@mntmn I've just now found out what this is and yes I would love to play with this on a Reform 2.
Side note: what will the pricing be for DiY kits? I haven't soldered anything in about 8 years so I'd definitely have to have a friend help, but am excited nonetheless when they are up for purchase.

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