‪MNT Reform will be a test case for DIN SPEC 3015 (new open hardware standard) and we will work with Fairtronics to determine component fairness. Also looking into the Grüne Punkt as recycling program for the packaging‬

‪hey i made a typo, it’s DIN SPEC 3105!‬

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@mntmn Please forgive my ignorance on this topic, but does this mean you are standardizing the design of your laptop? If so, which parts are actually encompassed by that? Are you basically attempting to standardize your laptop motherboard from factor (similar to the mini-It standard)?

@mntmn Assuming my earlier comment wasn't too far off the mark. Perhaps it would be worth while for you to reach out to the guys over at: . Right now I think their plan is to design a motherboard to drop into the same chassis used by the KDE slimbook. If you are doing what I think you are doing, it would be much better for them to design to the new standard you are creating.

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