ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch

"The keyboard not only works as a USB HID device, but [...] by pressing the Circle key, you can interact directly with the system controller. [...] The keyboard OLED and direct interaction mechanism has more potential future uses, like a password manager/wallet or notification display."

Loving this concept!

@mntmn so many goodies, like keyboard or battery or trackball!
I was surprised that wifi chip is not included by default

@charlag yeah it’s on purpose not to have any radios, microphones or cameras by default

@mntmn This is amazing, thanks a lot for putting so much work on this! 💜
@mntmn Oh by the way, any info on the battery life you usually get?

@mntmn i use a custom dvorak variant so i'm pretty excited by the idea that the key caps are easily replaced and i might be able to order a custom set from your supplier!

@robey yeah we can surely make custom layouts happen

@mntmn Just saw your blog post. This is frickin awesome!

@mntmn I really like the idea that you have separate cells, not a whole battery.
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