@mntmn you order you PCBs to OSH park right?

The other day I found:

As you are in Germany, you could reduce your shipping time and the environmental impact ordering there.

Also how are you soldering the circuits? Do you have a Reflow oven? Any Pick And Place or your bare hands?

@ekaitz_zarraga @mntmn I was told that the quality of their work is not all that great, especially for small traces

@waweic @mntmn I never tried. I will probably soon and may make a review afterwards.

It look quite serious so I don't know.

@ekaitz_zarraga aisler doesn’t even do 6 layers if i’m not mistaken. also, big PCBs from germany are just unaffordable. this time, the motherboards were made by Micron20 in sofia, bulgaria

@ekaitz_zarraga also, i ordered a bunch of the smaller boards at OSHPark and they are of amazing quality.

@ekaitz_zarraga @mntmn I've only heard bad things about aisler, altough their order process GUI does look super nice. Someone received a board with a piece just broken off and only received a discount for the next order..

@mntmn Oh my goodness. I could never build something on that order of complexity by hand. Don't sneeze!!

@vertigo @mntmn I've recently started using github.com/openscopeproject/In for KiCad and it's incredibly helpful, showing what to place where

also, have you tried reverse tweezers? I find them much nicer to grab components without springing them away because I squeeze too hard

@f0x @mntmn Honestly, I aim to avoid surface mount components whenever and where-ever I can.

When assembling my RC2014's RTC card, I lost the 32.768kHz crystal. This is a through-hole component that isn't nearly as small as the smallest surface-mount components, yet it still took me the better part of four hours to find it laying on my desk, off in some corner, blown away by the gentle breeze of moving my arm some time earlier.

I'll leave SMT parts placement to the professionals, thank you.

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