if anyone needs a fast realtime multimedia collaboration tool, self hosted, we released Spacedeck in 2018 as free software

@mntmn Spacedeck is really impressive and looks really useful! I followed the quick setup instructions (npm install && node spacedeck.s) and have it running on localhost, with the exception of images never rendering. There is a closed issue about installing ImageMagick, but don't see the instructions for doing so in the README.

@mntmn any chance you have an image lying around of spacedeck that you can toss into the top of the readme?

i find that helps people a lot :)

@cblgh @mntmn Agreed! My project manager was JUST asking about whiteboarding software the other day - I ended up linking him to this GH repo + the review at as my pitch; a quick visual rundown in the README/docs would have been a better sell for sure!

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