ok it finally works. wifi via ath5k mPCIe card. backlight keyboard. LiFePO4 battery charging. speakers.

@mntmn it looks good from this angle, but from the side it's kind of thick. any chance you can get it thinner, maybe like a thinkpad? it don't has to be a macbook air

@mntmn I've become addicted to pointer sticks, but I think I can get used to a trackball. None the less, awesome work, well done, keep it up!

@mntmn When this is supposed to be an alternative laptop for the "idealistic open hardware lover with some side cash" then why is the keyboard designed this way?

Spacebar small and small enter key. But a big trackball so that people who are used to trackpads feel welcomed?

I find trackpads repulsive and prefer when I ever can on a worklaptop a trackpoint. I'm a developer and would love to have open hardware. But these designs are not for the professional developer.

@fantazo but to explain a bit more: the keyboard is like this because it is the simplest way (except for ortholinear) to make it. if it is simple it means that other people can easily fix and replicate, but also improve. the input devices are modular. all kinds of layouts can be made in the future. people will be more motivated to contribute when the devices actually ship. designing it in a simple way makes it ship earlier.

@mntmn Sure. The last finishing sentence is one which I shouldn't have written.

@mntmn Can it be given a 4:3 or even a 3:4 screen, for writing/developing/web browsing?

@ifixcoinops if you know how to source an eDP display in this format and can adapt the screen bezel/case and it still fits to the main case then yeah

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