yes, you can play back webm/VP9 on your amiga with ZZ9000 FW2.0 (in development)

‪NComm makes for a really decent terminal, especially with accelerated text blitting‬

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@djsundog @mntmn Um...

sadly I have several in storage very close to you, which I really should... get... out of there.

Still: if RE-PC exists still - one of my A1000's came from there. And a few of the other Amigas. I have NO idea if they'd have any, any longer, it's been ... over 15 years since I was there.
Yeah, they still exist; and of COURSE they are shut down, because they are good people and they know it would not be sensible for anyone there to be there.

I miss that place.

And on Ncomm: I always used it as my preferred terminal program, will use it again (:

@Truck @mntmn re-pc is definitely one of my first trips out after gestures haphazardly all around might end up with the very first Commodore product I've ever owned :)

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