MNT Reform (open hardware laptop) campaign is live:

And here's the Launch Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us to make this happen.

@mntmn Nice, but why is Wireless only available in the Max pledge?

@lioh also in DIY! actually, we should make the WiFi an option in the regular version, thanks!

@mntmn would be also nice to have a full picture with assembled Trackpad.

@lioh yep, good point, we'll do an update with that

backed ❤️

… looking forward to assembling my laptop!

@mntmn feverything looks amazing. Can't wait to assemble mine!

@mntmn sadly way to expensive for myself. But keep up the good work. I like the idea of changeable cpu architecture.

@mntmn I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I can't wait for my kit to get here.

@mntmn ordered a DIY kit, but couldn't find the checkbox to have mine gold anodized.

@mntmn oh that's a fascinating project! Good luck getting it funded!

What are the specs of the laptop, how does it compare to other systems in terms of computing power and such? I think it'd be neat to see some benchmark results that can be compared to more traditional architectures.

@mntmn Congrats on the strong start! We always love seeing more Open Hardware. ❤️


Given all the hard work that was put into this awesome project, the price probably not as unreasonable as it might seem at first glimpse.

Well done! 👍

@mntmn very excited, but have some questions:
1. Do you ship both acrylic and aluminum bottom plates?
2. I am not an expert in embedded electronics, so it could be a dumb question, but is this SO-DIMM module kinda industrial standard? I mean can I for example just use Raspberry PI 3+ Compute Module instead this Nitrogen8M?
3. How does i.MX8 performs at real tasks? Browsing, etc;

Would be nice to see some reviews, tbh

@lord 1. not in the campaign, there only acrylic. you’ll be able to get the aluminum bottom later, cheaply. 2. there’s no standard pinout, so we and others will develop alternative modules. it should be possible to make an adapter for a rpi3/4 cm. 3. i posted a bunch of videos here and on twitter and i’ll do a bigger article soon that shows more real world performance.

@mntmn cool, thanks for the answer! Could we wait this bigger article until the campaign will end? Of course I don't have any big hopes for this SoC, but still should be enough for my needs, just want to be sure :)

@lord yes i want to get this out in the coming week, you’re not alone with this question

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