this is not yet optimal because you can't zoom, but do you find this kind of view interesting/helpful?

i also want to make a version of this where you have a (exploded) 3D model of the major parts on the left.

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and i want to link into IBOM (interactive PCB explorer) of the PCBs.

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@mntmn Hmm, I recall playing with KiCAD's schematics export to link the SVG files from the block view…

@mntmn clicking a component brings you to its summary; it'd be nice if the reverse were also true

@sir @mntmn

Also you need to click on the "text label" - not in the box. For example try with the component "MCU LPC11U24"

@_1751015 @sir true, i think this is because they're not filled, should be easily fixable

@sir true, hope that i’ll figure out how to do that!

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