‪my final update before the end of the campaign (~ 40 hours left). this one has a bunch of pictures of making Reform beta devices:

@mntmn I'd love to see the pictures but that link does not seem to work: "400 Bad Request" @mntmn @nause_marc The link from the original post has some additional trailing characters.

@mntmn will you sell the reform through your site after the campaign as well, or is this the only/last chance to get one?

@slow we'll sell it at a later point, Crowd Supply will sell it first I think.

@mntmn extra characters at the end of the link make it 404

@mntmn Exciting! I may even have seen parts of mine (:

Um, I do have to ask about shipping again, because... everyone who is not DHL (including Posti) seems to have completely forgotten how to actually deliver packages... Posti actually sent me a message saying 'we have a package for you at Sturenkatu' (which is odd, since it was being renovated) so I went there, "oh no we meant Tripla," so I went there, "um... we ... don't have this package... YET..." and so ... 2 1/2 hours of messing about for nothing... next day they just shoved it through the mail slot... and a week later a package _clearly_ marked "deliver to point A" was delivered not to A, nor B nearby to A, or C, but to the least convenient location in 2km...

And a friend who had an order come via Postnord had to go 5km away "for his convenience" because he "was not at home" (during Corona lockdown. "Lying [expletive]" was said a lot.

So... if I didn't pay for DHL shipping, can I? (:

@Truck So, we use Deutsche Post DHL normally, but we can upgrade to DHL Express for you. Can you send me an email reminder about that? Then I won't forget.

@Truck BTW of course, indeed, there are parts of your Reform visible ;)

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