it's a wrap! the MNT Reform campaign is over, the project is funded with $249,342. i'm deeply grateful for all your help and support. now it's our turn to deliver. after a bit of sleep.

wait, i was even too tired to type in that number correctly. it's $259,342. (it's past 2am here)

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@mntmn awesome, friend - get some rest, you've deffo earned it, and you're gonna need it lol

@mntmn Congrats! I'm covering Reform for czech IT server - the post will be published later today.

@mntmn congrats on the successful campaign! Looking forward to the updates and to assembling my very own MNT Reform ^__^

@mntmn congrats! Now please take good care of you, take your time and don’t burn out for this! 💜

@mntmn congratulations! I'm so excited to see all the marvellous things people will do with it.

@mntmn Congratulations, this is well-deserved after all the work you have put in the prototypes and the campaign.

All the best for your project!

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