a friend of mine is looking for someone (paid job) who can develop an OpenFX plugin that would stream its input over the network. any takers or is this something that already exists?

@mntmn Do they want it picked up by something at the other end? (i.e. does it need to be a standard format VLC can open, or can it be something custom?)

@mntmn Also, is there a reason they can't just use openfx-io with a UNIX socket, or something?

@wizzwizz4 there’s no reason not to do that if that’s a possible avenue!

@wizzwizz4 they wanna stream it over the web for others to watch as far as i know. HD resolution would suffice.

@mntmn Oh, that's a lot harder, then. You'll want something like WebRTC, which is from a different "field" to OpenFX; nothing like this would currently exist.

But it would be considerably easier to glue existing software together than to write something custom. The total lack of openfx-io documentation means they'd need to get an expert in, but it would probably only be 2–14 days' work to get something functional. This might help; it's one way of doing some of the job:

@wizzwizz4 i just talked to them so they want to plug it into rtsp/rtmp, i guess ffmpeg could do the job

@mntmn And apparently openfx-io talks to ffmpeg! No clue how to get it to do that, though.

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